SO SELFISH Prod.By Wadrunna 

Released earlier this year 2016′ at various online stores including Itunes , GooglePlay, Amazon Music and more is “So Selfish” Prod.By Wadrunna by artist “GI OUTHAGATE”. With new music dropped since including “Hop Out” and “1 Hunnit” , “So Selfish” is definitely not a song to sleep on for all you music lovers out there who enjoying hearing new tunes from the unsigned. With an aggressive approach but touching base on personal issues throughout the record “So Selfish” has that original Down South sound to it with the lyrics to back it up ! At first only released in stores and streaming platforms , “So Selfish” is now available to stream / download @soundcloud as well as Reverbnation. Also still available to purchase at various online stores. Thanks to everyone following the blog I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the latest , stay tuned and follow “GI OUTHAGATE”s SoundCloud account to be notified of new uploads as soon as possible. Thanks to all , Peace and Bless. ✌🏽👏🏽 Links provided below. FREE DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE! Get your copy now! 


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